Interview with Roger

There’s an interview with Roger over at the, covering his work with Bee Loud, and the Crazy Dog Audio Theater.

I had a listen to the Bee Loud Clade CD. It’s great fun and takes the words to a new level. I don’t like them all but I wouldn’t want to. I do agree with you about wrestling poetry from the grasp of the academics. There is too much po-faced poetry out there already. Let’s take the po out of poetry. The poetry divas collective is an ever evolving group of women poets whose mission is to blur the wobbly boundaries between page and stage. We want to perform our poems without compromising the integrity of the word.
‘Integrity of the word’: This is a complicated one and throws up a red flag. Why? It’s the favourite phrase of the PO in poetry division.In my experience far, far too many ‘heads’ offer this ‘integrity’ as a justification for poor, unexciting, unengaging delivery. As in: it doesn’t matter that NO ONE finds my words interesting or engaging when presented. Pity.

Hermenuetics and Science tell us that human beings can not but filter any words through their own selves, their experience, temperment and culture etc. The same exact words can have exactly opposite meanings. This is irregardless if we’re hearing them or reading them. It’s impossible to experience a pure ‘word’ in all it’s integrity – probably such a thing does not exist. ‘Sono Mama’ – isn’t that the Zen expression? A ‘thing in and of itself itself’ , without the blurring filter of the ‘word’ or mind thoughts interpeting the ‘thing’. And this unavoidable ambiguity of the ‘word’ or the painting or the sounds, is itself a key component of most art. It means different people take can different things or experience differing meanings when supposedly experiencing the same ‘art’.

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